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WSET Level 2 Exam Tips

About the Exam

60 minutes: 50 multiple choice questions

Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes                    

  1. Environmental influences and grape-growing options in the vineyard

  2. Wine making and bottle ageing influences

  3. Factors in vineyards, winemaking, and bottle ageing influence on styles and qualities of wines made from different grape varieties

  4. Styles and qualities of wines produced from different regions

  5. Production process influences on sparkling and fortified wines

  6. Storage, service and food pairing of wines

Multiple-Choice Questions








Study Tips

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Know the Compositions of the Exam

Know the Style of Questions

Stop Making Summaries

Students tend to focus and struggles on Learning Outcomes 3 & 4 too much which require a lot of memorization. In fact, Learning Outcomes 2,5 &6 do not require as much energy to understand and memorize and are definitely grade savers. Do not miss them!

Familiarizing yourself with questions in similar styles allows you to strategize your study. AceWSET has an enormous question bank created and used by exam takers who aced (distinction) the WSET exams at the fist take.

Summaries maybe helpful breaking down the long passages as you read the chapters for the first time; yet, they do NOT make the materials stick! Human brains convert short term memories into long term memories as we frequently revisit the information. This is why quizzing yourself or doing mock questions is the best way to turn the information you have read into something you can retrieve when taking the exam.

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